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Our personalised concierge service also ensures that your clients enjoy a relaxing and hassle free healthcare experience with exclusive privileges that include personal appointment reminders, appointment accompaniment and complimentary transport upon their discharge.

VIGNE distinguishes itself through its high standards of service and the addition of a personal touch to the healthcare experience of all our clients. The result is a VIGNE experience that is marked by quality, assurance and ease.


Suite of medical services at your disposal
Gain access to our wide range of medical and healthcare services that include patient diagnostics, specialist treatments and premium health screenings, allowing you to provide for your clients’ every healthcare need.

Exclusive healthcare concierge service
Our uniquely customised healthcare concierge service ensures that your clients get a highly personal experience, thus allowing you to stand out from your competitors through the provision of premium initiatives.

Immediate medical directives
Leverage on our medical directive service to provide your clients with instantaneous medical diagnosis through the facilitation of online opinions with our selected doctors.

Administration and paperwork support
Utilise our pre and post claim system for efficient and effective processing of all documentation, which in turn decreases the amount of administrative work that you need to do.



The VIGNE experience is one that is uniquely customised to ensure every individual feels valued and well taken care of. Join the VIGNE membership network and be equipped to provide your clients with the premium healthcare experience that they deserve.

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