VIGNE enhances your healthcare experience by providing premium concierge services and medical services through our panel of renowned medical specialists.

Our premium medical care concierge services also include the following:

Medical Specialist Appointments

  • 24 hour concierge support
  • Medical directive services
  • Appointment facilitation
  • Preferred appointment booking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Personalised meet and greet
  • Accompanied medical appointments
  • Arrangement for translator

Inpatient Hospitalisation

  • Hospital admission assistance
  • Hospital bill counselling
  • Provision of preferred snacks and/or meals
  • Hospital visits
  • Patient updates to family
  • Flower and fruit basket delivery
  • Home medicine delivery
  • Facilitation of hospital discharge and transfer to home
  • Efficient claims e-filing and hospital submission
  • Claims reminder
  • Pre and post claims processing

Extra Value Add

  • Complimentary Limo/transport privilege

Recovery Service

  • Flower delivery
  • Gold class movie tickets, cookies etc


Personalised service through

  • Accompanied appointments
  • Ease in coordination of appointment
  • Appointment reminders