Our Vision,
& Purpose


Changing Lives & Making a Difference


Finding a need & meeting it


At VIGNE, we believe in creating a holistic healthcare experience that goes beyond just the provision of medical services. We strive to further enhance the healthcare experience with the provision of our patient care services through our healthcare ambassadors.

 (V-near) :  Vine in French

 ה Hei: Grace in Hebrew 

VIGNE is founded on: I am the vine; you are the branches.

John 15:5

We are a Christian based group of companies. Birth: 1995, incorporated 2005

Envisioned Future

Envisioned Future

We are in the People Business, attracting the best Talent,

synergizing High Touch & Tech Innovation in pursuing our Goal &

Vision of Changing Lives

We have a Mission Oriented Focus in Finding a need & meeting it

Our Motto is Serving faithfully with love & spirit of excellence

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Referred Surgical Cases
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Our Group of Companies

VIGNE Group was started in 2005 as a SME employee benefits and consultancy.

VIGNE Healthcare was set up in Dec 2014 to provide medical specialist and health screening services to its more than 3000 members.

VIGNE Healthcare Solution was set up as a subsidiary in June 2020 as a holding company for personal and institutional investors.

Dr Care Medical Clinic was set up in June 2020 as a primary care GP medical clinic.

Carelite Medical Clinics was branded and set up in Nov 2022 as a primary care GP medical clinic.

Our Medical Group of Companies
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