Medical Specialities

Our medical specialists take care of health related issues in these different areas.

General Surgery

Focuses on abdominal contents including esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland (depending on local referral patterns).

Cancer Care

Cancer treatment calls for complete, customised care from our experienced oncologists working together with medical specialists. We offer a comprehensive approach to cancer screening, treatment and support. 

Obstetrics Care

We believe that pregnancy is the beginning of a very exciting journey for a family. Our goal is to take care of every aspect of your pregnancy journey, from pre-conception to post-delivery.

Eye Care

Providing comprehensive eye test and treatments by specialists’ experience and advanced diagnostics to diagnose and treat eye diseases.

Heart Care

Cardiology is the medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment and management of heart disorders

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is the medical specialty concerned with the correction, restoration or enhancement of the human form and function.

Sleep Diagnosis Care

An evaluation often involves overnight monitoring at a sleep center of your breathing and other body functions during sleep.

Women Wellness

Tailored with the modern women’s growing needs in mind, meant for women at various stages of life to help you manage your well-being with grace and confidence.

Bone, Sports Injury Care

Sports Medicine is the field of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, management and treatment of injuries related to sports, excercise or recreational activity.

Aesthetics Care

Focuses on improving cosmetic appearance through the treatment of conditions including scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, liver spots, excess fat, cellulite, unwanted hair, skin discolouration and spider veins.

Infectious Disease Care

Infectious disease is the medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis and medical treatment of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Ear, Nose, Throat Care

Otolaryngology is the field of medicine that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat and head & neck disorders.

Dengue Specialist Care

Dengue fever is an illness caused by the dengue virus, which is carried and spread by the Aedes mosquitoes.

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Together with our partner, we offer a range of diagnostic services to pinpoint the root of the problem. Find out more about the types of diagnostic services we provide.

MRI uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to produce clear and detailed pictures of the body, without the use of x-rays. It is a non-invasive way of viewing organs, soft tissues, bone and other internal body structures.

A CT scan is an advanced X-ray technique that uses X-ray and computer technology to obtain cross-sectional images of the body, giving detailed information for diagnosis.

Ultrasound imaging (Sonography) is a method of obtaining real-time images from inside the human through the use of high frequency sound waves. No ionizing radiation (X-rays) or injections are used in ultrasound imaging which makes this modality an extremely safe and painless diagnostic tool.

At RadLink, Women & Fetal Imaging, we offer ultrasound scanning including 3D/4D scans by Fetal Medicine Foundation (UK) certified consultants and sonographers.

Mammography is a special imaging of the breasts using a low-dose X-ray system. It is used to aid in the diagnosis of breast diseases in women. Together with physical breast examination, it has proven to be the safest and most effective method to screen for early breast cancer.

BMD is the method used to quantify the mass of bone in the body. It is also effective in tracking the effects of treatment for osteoporosis and other conditions that cause bone loss.

X-ray is a conventional technique used for the visualization of the bones and soft tissue structures in the body. It employs the use of an X-ray beam and a receptor. The X-ray beam is passed through the patient’s anatomy of interest and a “negative” image is created on the film.

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