Gold Package

  • Enjoy “The Fullerton Experience” – a synergy of health screening and wellness experience
  • Private rooms for privacy and comfort
  • Dedicated Executive Lounges for Female and Male at Fullerton Healthcare Screening Centre
  • Completion of tests within the centre (one-stop centre)
  • Breakfast served by Tea Ladies

Fuller Health Gold Scan (Recommended for Between 40 to 50 years)

  • Physical Examination by Doctor
  • Examination of Heart, Lungs and Abdomen | Neurological and Musculoskeletal Examination | Height and Weight Measurements | Body Mass Index (BMI) | Visual Acuity and Colour Blindness Tests | Blood Pressure Reading 
  • Chest X-ray 
  • Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) 
  • Spirometry
  • Medical Report and Review

Choice of 1 out of 5 following tests:

  1. Stress ECG (Treadmill)
  2. Ultrasound Liver
  3. Ultrasound Breast (For Ladies) 
  4. Ultrasound Pelvis (For Ladies) 
  5. Mammogram (For Ladies)

Morning Scan at $699

Afternoon Scan at $659

  • Includes flu jab worth $25

Schedule a Health Screening Appointment

Morning Session
(All days excluding Public Holidays)

Latest slot: 10am
(Fast from 4am)

Afternoon Session
(Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays)

Earliest slot: 12.30pm
(Fast from 6.30am)

Latest slot: 2.30pm
(Fast from 8.30am)

Patient Advisory for Health Screening​

You will need to fast 6 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This means you should avoid consuming any food or beverages with the exception of plain water. The purpose of fasting is to achieve accurate results for your blood test.

  • NRIC/Passport
  • As we will be testing your vision, please remember to bring along your glasses/ contact lenses for distant and near vision test.
  • In addition, you are strongly encouraged to bring along your most recent health screen result or report and films as our physicians may use that results to check on your health history and progress. 

Please postpone taking ay morning medication, unless otherwise advised by your physician, until/ after your health screening.

Your urine will be collected on the day of your appointment. Stool and urine containers will be provided on your health screening appointment day.

You can still do your health screening, but it is advisable to book your appointment around the day 10-14 of after your last menstrual period. Please inform the nurses or doctor if you’re menstruating on the day of your appointment. 

The entire screening can be completed in one morning or afternoon.

  • For ultrasound Abdomen/ Liver 
    NO FOOD OR FULIDS at least 6 hours before the examination.
  • For Mammogram/Ultrasound Breast
    Refrain from applying perfume, powder or deodorant on the breast or armpits area. Please avoid this examination if you are, or suspect that you are pregnant.
  • For Ultrasound Pelvic/Prostate
    You are encourage to drink 4-8 glasses of plain water one hour before the test. DO NOT empty bladder until the test is done.
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