We believe in people development to bring out the full potential of every individual. We listen to, train, and mentor our new people.

Training & Development Management of the following areas:

  • Field Observation
  • Coaching
  • On the job Supervision
  • Feedback Sessions



We are always on the lookout for talent.
We offer a dual-track Management Trainee programme designed to place our new people on the path of excellence in their careers.
We groom the best people to become VIGNE Consultants. This is the person who is qualified to oversee all aspects of our consultancy business – to serve our clients with fact-based well-thought-out advice.
The Vigne Consultant with a proven record of accomplishment and ability to lead a team of people rises to be a VIGNE Director.

The Management Trainee Programme:

  • Accompany senior colleagues to partnership meetings
  • Field Work
  • Coaching
  • Evaluation / Feedback Sessions

Management Trainees who prefer to focus on one aspect of our business become VIGNE Specialists, after their rotation in the various departments.

VIGNE Specialists are placed in the following positions:

  • Consultants
  • SME Healthcare Consultants
  • Specialist & Surgical Care Liaison Executives
  • Research Analyst
  • Business Development Manager – identify and manage relationships — people & companies who are keen to engage VIGNE’s services
  • Wealth Managers – identify & implement wealth management programmes for affluent market



Are you looking for a place where interns are valued? Where learning is dynamic with real-world experience? You will work alongside our consultants and specialists. At the end of your internship, you will have applied your academic knowledge in a rewarding environment. You will also know where and how you fit into our business when you are ready to start your career.

VIGNE Unlock Your Potential Programme

  • Motivation Confidence Builder
  • Inspiration Room
  • Creative Mornings
  • Social Involvement – corporate social responsibility
  • Foundation Truth of Entrepreneurship
  • Going On to Perfection
  • Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Rainmaker?
  • The VIGNE Intern’s Experience


VIGNE Healthcare

Under the mentorship of the Business Development Director, you will learn the skill of opening new markets in the SME space to market the various healthcare solutions to companies. Learn about employee-benefit structures, and the thoughts and considerations behind the implementation of healthcare benefits to employees.

VIGNE Consultancy

Learn to consult with CEOs, MDs, and HR Directors on employee benefits in a boardroom environment under the mentorship of a VIGNE Consultant. Hone your listening and corporate presentation skills as you learn to evaluate the situation. Excel in analyzing data and proposing solutions that translate into cost savings for the client. Further your skills by experiencing how to plan and prepare a corporate employee benefit structure.

VIGNE HR Consultancy

Get involved in designing research questionnaires based on clients’ requirements. Engage with a diverse group of people, learn how to overcome challenges like securing meetings, getting people to open up and share their views, gaining trust and getting people to personally introduce you to the right people to further the research work. Objectives include collecting the necessary data that meet clients’ objectives.

VIGNE Risk & Wealth Management

Mentorship-based attachment to a VIGNE Consultant. Secure meetings with prospects; meet clients for financial research, review, and planning. Learn to understand clients, and their dreams and aspirations. Learn how to prepare, present, and implement financial solutions.

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