Bespoke Solutions for Corporate Healthcare Management

We create a customized web-based, one-click management system for you, allowing easy fuss-free administration of your employee benefits and healthcare needs, lowering your administrative costs and improving productivity.


  • We analyze your current employee healthcare consumption pattern
  • Identify trends and customize solutions for your consideration and action
  • Optimize your healthcare expenditure and employee productivity



  • We work with partners who run an extensive network of healthcare clinics at convenient locations island-wide



  • Outpatient GP / SP
  • Regular health screening
  • Employee medical examination
  • Physiotherapy
  • Wellness services, e.g., health talks, vaccinations


Triage Services & On-site Consultations

Senior executives appreciate the convenience & discretion of this benefit.  No need to take time out of busy schedules to see a doctor for the common cold.  A quick private call to the duty doctor and medication is delivered to the office or home.  Your key decision-makers are free to continue with their planned activities.


  • Competitive rates for medical consultations & health screenings
  • Extensive GP/SP clinic network
  • Paperless & cashless system
  • Hassle-free system for your Admin/HR departments


 Our Approach


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