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Dr James Wee

Dr James Wee

Dr James Wee

Experienced Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBBS (S’pore), MRCS (Edin), MMed (Ortho), FRCS (Edin)(Ortho)

Dr James Wee is a dual subspeciality Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 18 years of clinical experience. He is the only surgeon in Singapore who is double Fellowship-trained in Hip & Knee Surgery and Foot & Ankle Surgery, having completed Fellowships at Oxford University Hospitals and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in the UK. He is a complete lower limb surgeon, with expertise in Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction Surgery.

As a high-volume partial knee replacement surgeon in Singapore, Dr Wee is an Asia Pacific regional instructor for the Oxford Partial Knee Replacement system, which allows for safer, faster and better recovery. He is skilled in advanced surgical techniques such as Robot-assisted Total Knee Replacement (Mako, ROSA) and Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) Hip Replacement.

 At the vanguard in Minimally-Invasive Surgery (MIS), he is one of the only surgeons in Singapore skilled in Arthroscopic “keyhole” Triple Fusion surgery for treating complex foot deformities. He is experienced in MIS “keyhole” Bunion and Hammer Toe surgery, and co-published the novel MIS “Lasso” Technique for ankle ligament reconstruction (single 1cm incision).

Dr Wee graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with his M.B.B.S. degree and was placed on the Dean’s list with a gold medal. He has been appointed Assistant Professor with the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, having served as the School’s Principal Lead for orthopaedic surgery. He is a Senior Lecturer with NUS, and sits on the NUS Master of Medicine Committee.

Expert Hip & Knee and Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon with dual subspecialties in both Hip & Knee Surgery and Foot & Ankle Surgery for complete lower limb care.

Safer, Faster, Better Recovery

Evidence-based, minimally invasive procedures for safer, faster and better recovery.

Patient-Focused Care

Your health is our top priority. We deliver prompt access to appointments, diagnostic services and treatments tailored to your condition.

Insurance Claimable

Provision of financial counselling and assistance with insurance claims.

Area of Treatments

Hip & KneeArthritis & Joint Replacement
Hip & KneeLigament and Meniscus Injuries
Hip & KneeFractures
Foot & AnkleAnkle Sprains & Fractures
Foot & AnkleBunions & Hammer Toes
Foot & AnklePlantar Fasciitis
Sports SurgeryArthroscopy & “Keyhole” Surgery
Sports SurgeryLigament Reconstruction
Sports SurgeryTendon Repair
Limb Lengthening & ReconstructionUnequal Limb Lengths
Limb Lengthening & ReconstructionLimb Deformities
Limb Lengthening & ReconstructionComplex Trauma



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