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Dr Samuel Ho Yew Ming

Dr Samuel Ho

Dr Samuel Ho Yew Ming​
Experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr Samuel Ho is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of Allure Plastic Surgery. 

Throughout his career, he has cut his teeth with seasoned plastic surgeons in South Korea, who strengthened his knowledge and skills. Dr Ho has worked alongside top plastic surgery centres in Korea such as Hangyang University Hospital, 101 Plastic Surgery Clinic and BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic. 

His invaluable training, together with his passion for research has also led to the discovery of several new surgical techniques. This includes the use of orbicularis oculi muscle-sparing and the “under-through” levator aponeurosis plication technique for upper eyelid ptosis surgery, the use of ear cartilage with thigh fascia for nose augmentation and the muscle-sparing pedicled TRAM flap for breast reconstruction.


Trained in Singapore and South Korea with over a decade of experience, well-versed in surgeries such as mummy makeovers, tummy tucks, eyelid surgery, delicate rhinoplasties and breast surgery.

Patient-Focused Care

Your health is our top priority. We deliver prompt access to appointments and procedures.

Insurance Claimable

Provision of financial counselling and assistance with insurance claims for medical conditions such as certain cases of Droopy Eyelid Correction, Man Boobs Reduction, Breast Reduction, Mole Removal, etc.

Area of Treatments

EyesPtosis & Droopy Eyelid Correction
EyesEpicanthoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery)
EyesEyebag Removal
EyesNon-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery
BodyLabiaplasty & Vaginoplasty
BodyTummy Tuck
BodyAbdominal Laxity Correction
BodyFat Transfer/Fat Graft
Face & NeckFace Lift Surgery
Face & NeckNeck Lift Surgery
Face & NeckBrow Lift Surgery
Face & NeckChin Augmentation
Face & NeckDimple Creation
Face & NeckBuccal Fat Removal
BreastBreast Augmentation
BreastBreast Lift Surgery
BreastBreast Reconstruction
BreastBreast Reduction
BreastMale Breast Reduction
EarsProminent Ear Correction
Skin CareScar Revision Surgery
Skin CareSkin Cancer Surgery
Skin CareMole Removal
NoseCrooked Nose Treatment
HairHair Restoration
HairHair Transplant

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