VIGNE marketing specializes in Health and Wealth private events management . We support financial planning agencies in value-adding to their clients and generating new prospective leads. 

This is done through private seminars. We specially select speakers to help raise awareness and educate clients on the areas of wealth and health. 

As a one-stop marketing service provider, we cover the following topics.

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  • Medical Specialists and Wellness Talks: EG. Cancer Awareness, Diabetes Prevention
  • Supporting Partners (Simply Wills, Rockwills)
  • VIGNE Specialist Panel & Medical Partners


  We provide the following:

1. Speakers & Content Management:

  • Sourcing of speakers
  • Curated list of specially selected speakers to suit your target audience, ranging from mass market to high net-worth.
  • Content is customized to suit the target audience.

2. Marketing:

  • EDMs – We help create materials to promote the event/seminar.
  • Lucky Dip for guests, with a sponsorship of VIGNE membership that includes Health screening.

3. Logistics:

  • We source and manage the Food & Beverages provider.
  • We source and manage the venue.





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