Obstetrics Package for:

VIGNE RATE: Pregnancy BELOW 12 weeks $1,177 NETT
VIGNE RATE: Pregnancy AFTER 12 weeks $1,064 NETT

* Package includes unlimited consultation
Package Inclusions
• Antenatal multivitamins (not including DHA, calcium, iron)
• All obstetrics visits till delivery (only during office hours)
• Basic urine labstix test each visit
• Basic obstetrics scans each visit

Package Exclusions
• Emergency consultation outside office hours
• Blood tests – routine antenatal blood tests or any other necessary blood tests e.g. tests for diabetes
• Down syndrome screening
• Foetal anomaly screening
• Any specialised scans that is done outside of the clinic, or 3D scans
• Any other medication apart from antenatal multivitamins
• Cord Blood Banking
• Any other urine tests for infection or other reasons
• Above package price does not include delivery fee

Terms and Conditions
• Once package price is paid, there will be no refund allowed even if the pregnancy miscarries or if antenatal
follow-up continues elsewhere.
• If antenatal follow-up continues with another doctor due to unforeseen reasons, payment will need to be paid to
that doctor for that visit.

Delivery Charges
• Normal vaginal delivery $2,400
• Assisted vaginal delivery $2,800
• Caesarean Section $3,500

The above delivery charges are the same regardless of the hospital you choose to deliver in.

The delivery charges are not inclusive of hospital charges for the room, delivery suite, operating theatre and anaesthetic fees. Hospital charges are dependent on which hospital you choose and the room type. If you have decided on the hospital you wish to deliver in, you can obtain more information about hospital charges and Medisave claims at the respective hospital’s business office.

Bills for the baby are separate from your bill.

The list of hospitals include:
• Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
• Gleneagles Hospital
• Mount Alvernia Hospital
• Thomson Medical Centre





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